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The Process

Digital art exhibit


This is not just seating that is glued and nailed together casually, it is crafted. Each cube is carefully examined and detailed to perfection.  All the joinery is painstakingly aligned, clamped and set in place to last for years to come. When you sit on this seating cube around the dinner table, restaurant or wine cellar, you will know that this legacy piece is more than a mere seating element but a beautiful object to enhance your environment.


Finish Work

Each seating cube is hand oil rubbed and coated to pull out the natural grains of wood within the species. Many have applied wood sealants to furniture so much that the grain is covered within layers of the chemical. It does not allow the product to speak. When our oil is applied to the wood, the grain dances in the light. If you happen to purchase our Signature Series line, each graphic is hand painted giving the seating cube such a character that it becomes a conversation element within your space. We hope you enjoy them.

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